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Authentic Dentistry is now open in Campbell ACT, for all your general dentistry needs. Come on in and see Dr Michael Back today! 

Do you need:
To find a new dentist?

A practice that will look after your whole family?

Understanding of dental anxiety?

To be treated like a person not a number?

Do you want:
Personal and professional dental care?

To be in control of your dental choices?

To be welcomed in a relaxed, caring environment?

Convenience with free and easy parking

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Look no further, contact us for an appointment!

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Authentic Dentistry Believes..

General dental care should be simple, quick and as painfree as possible.
Receive friendly personal service
Preventive dentistry to keep YOU smiling
Benefit from proven dentistry techniques
We work with you, to maximise teeth and gum health
Catering for all family members
Authentic Dentistry for all family members
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